Popcorn Machines, Services & Equipment | Wisconsin

Full-service popcorn and concession distributor supplying businesses with popcorn poppers & supplies. Popcorn machine service and repairs, sales of new popcorn equipment including specialty gourmet popcorn products and supplies for popcorn stores. Serving Wisconsin & Minnesota including the Twin Cities & Twin Ports.

A red an white bucket of fresh popcorn popped at a business in Hudson Wisconsin located in the St. Croix Valley twin cities metro area


Popcorn is a simple, delicious, inexpensive treat that people love.

Serving drinks? Popcorn can increase drink sales.

Are you a business open to the public? Popcorn is a fun, welcoming treat.

Are you a popcorn business in need of specialty popcorn supplies? We do that as well.

Need service or equipment? Give us a call.

Gold Medal popcorn machine with buttery golden yellow popcorn at the bottom all nicely popped with stickers reading Lakes Coffee on the side of this popcorn machine

Popper Placement Program

For qualifying accounts within our service area Lakes Coffee will provide, install and maintain the Popcorn Machine at no cost as long as you agree to use our popcorn in our equipment.